Bookkeepers, pure and simple

Why we just want to be good bookkeepers.

When I look at the SME market, I am more convinced than ever that we should really stick to our main focus which is being the best bookkeepers in the NZ market.  We are not tax experts and we are not add-on software implementors (other than Xero/MYOB and some generic apps that we use a lot) and we are not consultants who provide business advice, we’re BOOKKEEPERS and we are striving to be the best we can.  We are more than happy to leave all that other higher level work up to the experts and work alongside them to be able to provide accurate information.  That’s why we feel our job is actually THE most important because if your bookkeeping is not accurate and up to date then the other tax and advisory experts are unable to give you, the business owner the correct advice.

This is why our relationships with chartered accountants, virtual CFO’s and business advisors is so important.  When they refer a client to us we make sure there is good communication between ourselves, the client and the referrer so we are all singing off the same hymn sheet and moving in the same direction.

As bookkeepers there is a lot to keep up with, not only due to changes in payroll processing or other regulatory processes such as AML/CFT but also the changes that can affect how we do our processing work via Xero or MYOB (it should also be noted we do work with other systems but these are the two main accounting packages we deal with). These are constantly being updated and we need to keep up.  As such we are happy to stick to our knitting so to speak and just be good bookkeepers and work with all parties for the best outcome for our clients.



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