How we attract the best staff and why they like working with us

With our business now over two years old we have started to gain a good reputation in the market for doing a quality job.  Most of our clients are referred to us so it is vital to our ongoing success that we maintain these high-quality standards.  Of course, this all comes down to the fact that we have great staff who know their stuff and take pride in doing a good job.  So, how do we attract the best staff and why do they like working with us?

How we attract good people

We attract potential bookkeepers the same way most other businesses do, by advertising a role.  This may seem a bit too simple, but really it’s not.  There are a lot of jobs out there but they are not all created equal, and good people often have choices so it’s more about what you actually have to offer that is important.  We’re also finding more and more that bookkeepers are approaching us which is always very helpful. So the biggest question is…

Why do they like working with us? We have surveyed our bookkeeping team and there are a number of points as to why they enjoy our environment.

Learning and development

Like most people our bookkeepers want to be the best they can be (this is something we look for when recruiting and a lot of it has to do with their attitude).  Our environment allows them to focus on learning new things and looking for ways to implement them and work more efficiently.  We take care of everything else. They don’t have to worry about whether they are going to get paid or looking for new work, and generally all the other worry that can come with running your own business.  We also host training meetings every couple of months that they can attend and learn from, not only from our speakers but from all the other bookkeepers in attendance.


Our bookkeepers like the idea that they have a go-to person they can ask questions of and who also oversees their work and can help them with on the job training. We meet regularly with our bookkeepers to ensure their needs are being met and we can help with any issues they might have, be that with clients or technical challenges.

The team environment

Given most of our bookkeepers work remotely from home they really enjoy the fact that every two months they can come together, have a nice lunch and mingle with other likeminded people.  Outside of this they also have a forum to be able to ask questions of the team and can be made aware of someone who may have dealt with the same problem they might be facing. You don’t all have to be working in the same office to be able to develop a good culture and I feel we have done this quite well to date. 



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