There are many reasons to consider an outsourced or contract bookkeeper for your small or medium-sized business. Here are the six reasons we think make the most sense for New Zealand’s SME business owners.

1. You only pay for the bookkeeping services your business needs.

We provide contract bookkeeping staff who only do bookkeeping. That way, our clients only pay for the actual time it takes to do the bookkeeping, not for all the other stuff, like office admin or picking up mail, that frankly, lower cost staff could take care of. It will come as no surprise then, that because our team only do bookkeeping work all day every day, they’re pretty darn good at it.

2. Our bookkeepers are well trained, including keeping on top of legislative change.

If you want to be the most efficient bookkeeping service around (and we do), it’s pretty important to know the rules of the game. In the bookkeeping business, that means staying on top of a list of legislative rules that are constantly changing. Both our management and our contract bookkeepers regularly attend training events and conferences to make sure we’re well versed in everything we need to know for the benefit of your business.

Unfortunately, it’s an area of bookkeeping that many in-house bookkeepers tend to overlook, which can leave businesses unnecessarily exposed, lumped with an unforeseen expense, or missing out on a new opportunity.

3. Support with smart software that suits the way your business works.

It’s one thing to talk about using fancy systems and modern software to improve the efficiency of your businesses accounts function. It’s another thing altogether to actually know which systems and software are right for a specific business.

We’re fans of using smart systems when appropriate, but we’re more interested in what you want to achieve as a business. That helps us to know the right type of systems for your specific situation. We’re also keen to understand the software you’re familiar and comfortable with now, so we can first identify if there’s an opportunity to improve the way you’re using it for more efficiencies. Software changes can be hugely disruptive to business operations, so it’s important to work through your current set up before committing to the latest in new software tech.

4. Our bookkeepers have a wealth of knowledge and support to tap into.

We're proud to offer contract bookkeepers who are among the best at what they do. But having one of our talented team working on your business is just the start. Our bookkeepers also have access to our highly experienced, highly trained management team, as well as a broad range of our wider bookkeeping team. There’s literally no problem or issue we haven’t seen, dealt with, avoided or taken advantage of on multiple occasions in the past.

5. Efficient bookkeeping means better business.

At its core, efficient bookkeeping is about giving you more accurate and timely information to run your business.

It may seem simple, but there are a myriad of regulations to navigate when optimising your accounts – and a wide array of skills a good bookkeeper requires to deliver this seemingly simple outcome. But a focus on quality bookkeeping, the kind that delivers accurate and timely information, is what you want for your business.

Practically every critical decision you make for your business will rely on understanding your numbers. Want to employ another staff member? You need accurate numbers. Can we afford to upgrade our equipment? What do the numbers say?

You need confidence that the decisions you’re making for your business are based on accurate and timely accounts information. It’s the only way to make accurate and smart business decisions.

6. Efficient outsourced bookkeeping, but we are still local.

All of our bookkeepers are locally based here in Auckland. None of our work is outsourced overseas and we have no intention of doing this in the future.

Why you ask? We find that most of our clients want to meet with their bookkeeper from time to time, lets face it they are often working on your accounts every day so we think it is important that you have a good working relationship with your bookkeeper and that you can trust them. They might work remotely but they are also readily available should you need them.

When we moved our previous accounting & inventory system to Xero/Cin7 we approached The Back Office Company & they took control of the entire process. We are absolutely delighted with the new system & ongoing support we get from them.

Richard Binns
RWB Communications Ltd

Michelle & The Back Office Company have been doing our books for over 5 years & are a great addition to our team. Her attention to detail, easy going nature & go getter attitude has made life easier for everyone.

Phil Hall
Hall Electrical Services Limited

As a CA firm we refer many clients to The Back Office Company. The work they do & level of customer care they provide is highly valued by clients.  We have confidence they will go the extra mile.


Having The Back Office Company as our bookkeeping company is gold; I don’t have to think about accounts being paid, invoicing, IRD payments or payroll. TBO takes care of it all accurately and timely.

Recruitment Company owner